Freezer Baits only £7.50 per kg minimum order 5kg . Please note it’s in one flavour not a mix . Orders over 10kg gets free p&p.

The Nutz £7.50 per kg

The Nutz Giving the carp a quality food source and just one in our range that has been helping catch carp since 2001. Based on a blend of 5 nut types including pecan, sizes 15mm 18mm 20mm . flavours . Tigernut . peanut . coconut . Pineapple & cream . strawberry & cream .

Caribbean Spice
Caribbean Spice11846410_10153042400302061_1610052838_n11208672_10204298389604481_6530117650687549895_n

£7.50 per kg. A red fish mix with our own finest 5 spice blend .The Caribbean Spice is a quality food source that you can use all year round with confidence. sizes 14mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 20mm . Just one in our range that has been helping catch carp since 2001.


The Big Red. £7.50 per kg

(High Nutritional Value) Fishmeal baits that can be used with confidence thru the whole year. The Big Red contains Monster Crab and blackcurrant flavour plus more . Available in 15mm 18mm 20mm.


The Killer. £7.50 per kg

Two of the best known fish attractors, krill and black pepper, combined into the same (High Nutritional Value) fishmeal . Available in 15mm 18mm 20mm



Triple,s £7.50 per kg

The Triple,s one in our range that’s put hundreds of carp on the bank . Letting the natural attractors of the product do the work with out a flavour . A blend of Nuts and fish meal with a small amount of Malaysian rock salt added to the mix .


The Tikka £5.50 per kg


The tikka . This bait was made some year back and has now been put back into our range after so many calls about the product . This bait is an all year rounder that has helped lots of anglers put a lots of carp on the bank . priced at £5.50 this is the lowest price product in our range but still giving the carp what thay need without the big price tag . Size 18mm only

Pop-up Range
Priced at £6.50 per pot

UkCarpBaits pink Custom 14mm


The Nutz 14mm

Big Red 14mm

The Killer 14mm


Caribbean Spice 14mm

Boost your hookbaits with our range of dips to put even more attractors in the water
column . Dips are £6.50 per 300ml


Clothing Range
Hoodies £25.00
Body warmers £25.00
Fleeces  jackets £18.00
T. Shirts £15.00
Caps £6.00
Beanies £6.50

All our clothing range are fully embroidered logos so you no its going to last a lifetime


Freezer Baits £7.00 per kg minimum order 5kg .

P&P £7.00 up to 30kg
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