Welcome to Uk Carp Baits

UkCarpBaits a family-run business thats been around for years now that give you the carp angler a quality food source . We pride ourselves on well-sourced tried and tested ingredients that will always stand the test of time and will carry on to do so for many years to come . it,s all about giving the carp what they want and need!

Day time 07966535194 Office 01543 674752 evenings 6.00 pm till 9.00 pm

Do you have the passion for carp as much as we do here at Uk Carp Baits . we are looking for anglers to join promotion team around the uk  . Freezer Baits , pop ups , Dips at a discount rate . Contact us at ukcarpbaits@hotmail.co.uk

Paypal email is ukcarpbaits@hotmail.co.uk


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